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Polished concrete

Is a floor finish that is not only beautiful but also durable and easy to maintain & clean. It is a very versatile finish ranging from a simple diamond buff and seal to a high gloss mirror looking finish. The concrete can be buffed and then sealed ("diamond buff") to simply smooth out and seal the concrete. It can be polished lightly ("cream polish"), ground to expose some sand ("salt and pepper") or heavily ground to expose aggregate ("deep grind"). We can also apply a thin (typically 3/8") topping over existing surface and polish this topping ("polished toppings"). Each type of polishing can also range from Matte to high gloss. In addition, concrete can be stained and then polished to create yet another look. Danamac can be brought in at the design stages as well which could allow us to seed the concrete with specifically chosen aggregate or other mediums such as glow in the dark aggregate.

Danamac has varying sizes of high speed grinders that use a range of different specialty diamonds to accomplish the desired level of polish. Our staff is trained to "read" the concrete as no two slabs are ever the same. To ensure that each project meets our high quality standards a high level of expertise is required.

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